Frequently Asked Questions

No,format,fidsk,reinstall operating system will not change your hardware infomation,except you change hardware or computer,such as you update operating system from Win7 to Win10,the code is still as same as your origin one.

Batch Render Master is to be activated only in below situations:

1.Initial register of newly-purchase.
2.After format,fidsk,reinstall your system,you need to activate.
3.Your activation has expired,you need to purchase again to activate.

Except from situations above,the software is available without any activation indication during its service life after register.

  •  Each PC uses its unique activation code,the code will not change unless the hardware or PC itself is changed.
  •  With activation of your account and the license,you can change your hardware or PC for free twice per year.
  •  You can use any versions of 3dsmax for batch render at the same time without any interplay.
  •  No contact information is required when activating the account after your reinstalling of the system.

Yes,please login your account to activate.

Yes,this plugin need online activation,please ensure you can visit internet to login your account,otherwise,you can not finish activation.

No,you DO not have to,you just need to online activation,after activated,you can using it offline.

OS: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
Free Disk Space: 100 MB

3ds Max: 2009 or higher (32 bit or 64 bit)

V-ray: 1.5 SP or higher (32 bit or 64 bit)

Yes,supports both 32 bit and 64 bit OS, 32bit and 64bit 3dsmax.

Not this version,only supports single computer rendering.

No,current version only support static frame render,major for interior and exterior render,animation render will develop in next major version.

Demo version can not save final images after rendering,you need to upgrade to Pro Version with full functionality.

Pro version of Batch Render Master has a smart function to insure your rendered images are saved.There are 2 ways to save your final images:

1 Use Batch Render Master's output settings,Batch Render Master automatically creating output path as same as the max scene file location.For example,if you have a scene file in D:\my scene.max,the automatically created path is D:\my scene.tif,camera path is D:\my scene_camera01.tif etc.
2 Use max scene path,if you check "use scene path" in output settings,the output path will be the same as where the scene’s.For example,if you have a scene file,D:\my job.max,the output path of scene settings is F:\our image.tga,after batch rendering,the F:\our image.tga will be created in F driver.

If you can not find rendered images,please check the scene output path settings,sometimes images will be there.

The case is often caused by 3dsmax bugs,which mainly in 3dsmax 2012 and 3dsmax 2014,especially in max 2014.

If this happens in 3dsmax 2012,please try to use 3dsmax 2012 Pack to fix it:

If this happens in 3dsmax2014,please try to use 3dsmax 2014 Pack to fix it:

You can press ESC key to quit for Demo version.

Sure,before batch rendering,Batch Render Master will recreate output path again,to ensure GI map or final image can be saved.

Yes,you just follow below steps to set only render color pass or only render AO.

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