Rendering Features

  •  Multiple scenes rendering
  •  Multiple cameras rendering
  •  Automatic save & load saved GI maps

Camera Operation

  •  Automatic add cameras to render list
  •  Cameras add and remove
  •  Automatic create camera output path after add cameras
  •  Customize camera output path

Output Size

  •  Many output size type
  •  Use scene's size mode

Area to Render

  •  Same render area as 3dsmax
  •  Use scene's area mode

Addtional Render

  •  Color pass
    • Last color pass image count setting
    • Render scene + Render color mode
    • Only render color mode
  •  AO pass (Ambient occlusion)
    • Bright AO
    • Dark AO
    • Render scene + Render AO mode
    • Only render AO mode

UI scheme

  •  Light UI,dark UI,blue UI

Interface Style

  •  Dock left mode,dock right mode,float mode

Render List Operation

  •  3ds max scene files add and remove
  •  Apply current settings to all files
  •  Automatic create file output path after add files
  •  Use scene's path mode
  •  Customize file output path

Batch Render Output

  •  Batch image formats
  •  Clear created filename
  •  Create folder
  •  Create path

Indirect illumination (GI)

  •  Use scene's GI mode
  •  Automatic choose primary bounces mode
  •  Automatic create GI output path
  •  Automatic lock GI output path and final image output path
  •  Customize GI output path

Mode Selection

  •  Quiet render mode - Ignore missing maps
  •  Automatic save current job
  •  Automatic shutdown computer after rendering

Other Operation

  •  Render settings load,save and restore
  •  Render mission load,save
    • Mission settings operation

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